name of dream: camera dilemma


trying to make up my mind whether to buy a movie camera that takes single frame shots or a still shot camera that takes movies


both cameras fit into the hand just right so there's not much to choose between them there


the still shot camera is lighter but is limited to ten minutes of movie-making and the quality of the movie is acceptable but not as good as the camera designed for movies


the movies of the movie camera are as good as they come but there aren't as many features with which to modify the still shot as there are with the camera designed for single shots


the single shot camera isn't as expensive as the movie camera but the movie camera has an sl-mo capture and replay option


there is the option to be decadent and buy both cameras but that would be too indulgent


the salesman has got his eye on the commission factor and is subtly pushing the movie camera and that automatically pushes me toward the still camera


the movie camera looks more professional and will impress would-be clients but i won't be able to soften pictures and make a woman look more attractive...


the dream was fading to an end but the dilemma was ongoing





assigning the time-tense of 3 to this dream


qod 3.2


qos 4






nothing in the pde's points to this, it was though, an awake-time situation of three years


second dream


name of dream: an inconvenient convenience


living in a bedsit on the second-floor of a two-storey house


the landlord had come to the decision that it would be a good idea to put a steamer outlet pipe in


probably so he could put in his advertisement in the paper that the kitchens had a steam-cleaner for added hygiene and cleaning pots and pans and convey the impression of an all the mod-cons establishment to potential tenants


in theory, it wasn't a bad idea


in all the kitchens in all the bedsits in the house, it meant running a pipe from the water radiator to the kitchen sink


it wasn't until the conversion had been done that i saw that the pipe from the radiator crossed over the workspace to the left of the sink and effectively made a third of the work surface area redundant


the surface area that was left barely had enough space for a plate and certainly not enough for two


occasionally i would need to dine a lady and she wouldn't have been over-awed to see me dishing up her dish on a plate balanced on the top of a pan


the thoughts of other inconveniences were coming to mind when the big body-blow hit


i could tell the tenant in the next room to me was in his kitchen area from the unique sounds of the kitchen that were coming through the cardboard walls


he used his new mod-con and i jest not when i tell you it was like being next to a train in the station as it let off steam


really, it was that intrusive


it was going to cause all sorts of problems


you wouldn't be able to use it if your adjoining tenant was asleep


if your adjoining tenant wanted to piss you off he could justify using it in the middle of the night because he wanted to heat up a milk drink


it would justify the landlord adding more to the rent...


another dream that ended unsatisfactorily




this one is definately going to the dustbin of the past


time-tense 9


qod 3


qos 4






not stray thoughts but unconstructive ones




the money-minded amongst us still have the backing of the police and the courts to ride slip-shod over ordinary people


the writer is living where he lives now because in the last place he lived the problems portrayed in this dream were actual


you can hear your neighbour going to the toilet, you can hear your neighbour farting, you can hear your neighbours telly, you can hear your neighbours arguments...


it's the same old story... use cheap materials to shave twenty thousand pounds off the cost of each new habitation built for ordinary people living in england


twenty thousand times two hundred thousand is four billion pounds per year going into the bank's pockets each year, and it's even worse in america


people are being housed in accommodation that is illegal

the law is perfectly clear on this point

a person should be able to generate thirty-five decibels without the sound being intrusive to the adjoining houses


as this country gets poorer and the problems start mounting and it gets to the point where people decide to start pushing back they could reclaim their right to an even distribution of the wealth by bringing civil lawsuits against the councils who are hand-in-glove with their legal council who are hand-in-glove with the architects who are hand-in-glove with the banks who are hand-in-glove with the politicians who are hand-in... which would force a rebuilding of much of this country's housing


the money-minded may well try to introduce laws as a result of this comment of a dream and make this possible tactic illegal


know this mr and mrs money-minded british and jewish financier


you've verly nearly ridden this country into the ground and a groundswell of discontent is rising


do it peaceably