name of dream: bed dream 2


in front of a comupter screen


there was red dot the size of a lower-case letter o above a rectangular section which had instructions which took up more than half of the screen


the red dot was throbbing and was waiting to be clicked


the decision to click the red dot would be taken if the person decided to accept an invitation or offer to win or try or buy a product


the product was a luxury single bed


i barely looked at the writing in the rectangular area and clicked the red button


the scene changed and i was in the middle of nowhere in the middle of the night with the bed which had just been unloaded off a delivery vehicle


there was light enough to see my surroundings coming from somewhere and i could see i was at the bottom of a lane that had a steep'ish gradient


i began to push the bed up the hill


after half of a minute of dream-time of pushing and stopping and pushing and stopping i realised the task of going up the lane was beyond me and i would have to leave the bed


the next scene was me in a building sitting outside of an office with drawn white venetion blinds waiting to be seen by someone


before anyone saw me i needed to go to the toilet


the last scene of this dream was of me soiling myself


the sensations of passing excretions was so real that as i woke i felt the bed




a mixture of time-tenses


qod 2.9


qos 3.7




vividness: 3.8


stand-out moment: the effort of pushing the bed


category of dream: multi-themed dream


notes 1


that i felt the bed as i was waking will tell you how real the sensations in dreams can be


this dream brings to the fore the opportunity to assess the conditioning we instil in ourselves to accomodate the body's need to expel waste


as baby's we aren't incumbered with the thought processes that toilet-training demands and it is a fact that eventually the need to pass solid and liquid excrections never becomes a neural configuration


for that to happen we will have to refine our diet to the point that waste is never ingested in the first place


the indications are this could be achieved within a handful of millenniums


notes 2


this is the type of dream which make people think that dreams are insignificant


what have dreams like this got to do with anything ?


i'm looking forward to other people sharing their dreams online in the near future


it's going to be educational and fun sifting through each others dreams


and again... pairing up with your Soul Partner, could happen for some within this lifetime and a dreams diary, it is believed, will become instrumental in bringing that about


aside: moon/star


this may be nothing...


before settling into bed to watch a film for half an hour before going to sleep i checked the Livestream Channel to make sure it was streaming


there are four screens on the stream


the bottom-right screen is a live-feed from a camera which shows a sky/land/sea area of about one or two kilomteres wide, two or three kilometres of depth and about twenty to thirty degrees of heighth


there was a large white object at the upper-left area of the screen


couldn't identify it by looking at it on the computer screen so i rolled up the blind and looked out of the window


it was a quarter moon pointing to the right


about one moon heighth below it and slightly off-centre to the right of the moon was a bright star


they were the only two objects in the sky ! (have never seen a sky with just those two objects in it before. highly unusual)


being a staunch believer in u.f.o.'s (have seen one) i looked at it for a couple minutes ready to do a screen capture just in case


nothing happened though


second dream


name of dream: failed to dial


urgently needed to make a phone call


it was my own number i was trying to dial


i could remember the numbers of my own phone but the numbers on the dial-pad of the phone i had borrowed to make the call weren't laid laid out numerically


it was after five or six attempts to remember where the numbers were on the dial-pad after locating them and then recalling the location each time a new number was tapped in that i became frustrated and gave up




time-tense: 5


qod 3


qos 3.8




vividness: 4


stand-out moment:


category of dream: number/ think-read 3


notes 1


yet again, a dream where the abilty to use numbers with ease was lacking


it is assumed that these dreams with numbers, that have been occurring in recent weeks, is the

dream-state conscious "cutting its teeth" with numerics