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the name of the dreams

tripod vehicles and the food organiser

the location looks like it is the mess of an army barracks able to cater for more than a thousand people

it is an all-male institution, possibly a military base

it is time for a between-meals meal of cheese on toast

the food on the eight or so plates already prepared and ready for eating looks like small pancakes

there are about nine plates ready with food on

the first of the diners are starting to trickle in and have put a plate of the food on their tray and are sliding the tray along a counter to where the drinks are

the chief caterer is wide-eyed with apprehension

he isn't going to have enough food ready when the flow of men is at its peak

i have a bread-cutting knife in my hand and start cutting the bread into slices at a rate of about one every two seconds

i say something along the lines of "keep the bread coming!"

the chief caterer sees it will be possible to have cheese on bread ready for everyone and is looking at me admiringly as the dream ends

second dream

this dream is of vehicles in a mountainous area

most of the vehicles are regular-looking vehicles which have the driving and seating arrangements of a typical car

there are two or more of another type of vehicle which is mounted on a silver metal tripod and has wheels that look too small

the tripod supports are about three metres tall

both types of vehicles are jet-propelled

there is concern that if the vehicle ahead of us accelerates the exhaust from the jet engine will reach us


vividness 3.3 to 3.6 - participant and observer - the category of the dreams: food () and transport ()