name of dream: nervous dog


an awake-time friend of some years ago had a golden retriever as a pet


the dog had been traumatised, it had an accident or an operation or had been mistreated


the effect was the dog was nervous of people


i tried to coax it to come to me by talking to it but it didn't come to me


when i made a move towards it the dog moved back


then when i moved back it came forward a little


i offered it the back of my hand to sniff, usually offering the back of the hand works for timid and aggressive dogs alike, but again it backed away


and yet again it came forward when it was withdrawn


then i stretched out both arms and invited it to come to me in the same way as i would to a toddler or a crawling baby

that done it


when it was close enough i put my left hand on its chest below the dog's chin and ran the nails of my fingers down its spine and it produced a quivering of the dog's skin


the dog was a normal dog again and proved it with a lick




qod 3.5




category of dream: doggy dream (11)