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first dream


the name of the dream: correcting grammar


was being interviewed or being coached on how to write an application for a job


there was one scene where the other person in the dream said something about using a noun at one point while i was writing




the category of the dream: grammar ()


second dream


the name of the dream: dream dressage


a brown horse and its rider being viewed from the left and above


the horse was doing a bit of dressage in an enclosure of about fifteen metres by fifteen metres


the pair approached a marked line that went from one side of the dressage compound to the other and was about two metres from the farthest part of the enclosure


when the horse and rider were at the closest point to the line a voice shouted a command and a person on the ground made a signal with his arm


the rider of the horse gave the reins a gentle tug and the horse, with the subtlest movement iv'e ever seen a horse make, moved its whole body ninety degrees into perfect alignment with a line on the ground and came to a standstill


it was obviously a real horse and a real rider but the impression was that of something which had a mechanical precision


when the movement was completed the pair had to hold their position and for that moment they looked more like a still picture or a classical painting than living, breathing things






vividness: 3.1



the quality of the dream: 3.8


vividness: 3.7/8


the category of dream: dressage: (1)


third dream


the name of the dream: no privacy


it was a crowded, slightly claustrophobic, all-male environment


it was the ablutions area of what might have been a barracks or a penal institution


there was a feeling of oppressiveness


one person was keeping a vindictive eye on me


i had to go to the toilet and when i had finished there wasn't any toilet paper


i had to get off the seat and crouch-walk a couple of metres to get some


i could feel the evil eye watching me


fouth dream


the name of the dream: a dream with no theme


was in a restaurant or up-market cafeteria ordering a meal


a message had to be sent


fifth dream


the name of the: all at sea ?


for some reason this dream gave me the feeling i was on board a ship


notes 1


an observer in the horse dream and a participant in the others


category of dream: - multi-themed


notes 2


have yet to formulate the reason behind multi-themed dreams


perhaps all dreams are multi-themed and i/we don't remember all of them









the cause of the dream:




vividness: 3.1


the quality of the dream:




the quality of the sleep: