the name of the dream

the litterer


in a far-off past undulation, someone or some people began a press campaign to discredit me


it's amazing just how effective the power of a single media outlet can be when it is the only media outlet


immediately, I became a piriha


contemptuous looks and the sudden absence of acquaintances


one associate stayed loyal but in a secretive way


it was touch and go i would ever have credibility again


that'll teach me to drop a bit of paper in the street


notes 1


an example of how effectively people living in a one-media-format society can be controlled exists in our recent past


british oligarchs realised they were about to lose control of rwanda and decided to abandon any pretence of being benevolent


the british-laguage media in rwanda, a one-station radio system, set Faction against Faction and it resulted in the better part of one million people being murdered


the british radio-announcer who set people against people has yet to be brought to book




vividness 2.8 - participant - the category of the dream: biased media (1 ?)



notes 1