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the name of the dream: my sister's playful brother


it was the prodigal sons' homecoming reception

not sure where i had been but i was back


it was going to be a semi-formal affair


i was chatting to an acquaintance while the reception room was still being set up


there was a long table which would have delicacies and drinks along the length of it and there was a stage furthest away from the entrance door


i would be relating my adventures and achievements in snippet-form as people walked along the table picking and choosing what to put on their plates


the second scene; my sister turned up and had some fantastic news


she had become engaged to ...? (can't remember his name)


he was a prize


he was a celebrity in his own right and, it must be said, occupied a more celebrated position in society than i


in fact, the engagement became more of a talking point than my return


i was fond and proud of my sister and obviously, she occupied a special place in my life but she had stolen my thunder


a little ribbing was in order


when she was within earshot of the person i was talking to i said just loud enough for her to ear "don't ask her about ...?" (forgotten his name)the man caught on to what i was doing and played along


the momentary look of consternation on her face told me she had taken the "bait"


the man caught on to what i was doing and played along


it was only as i deliberately made light of the value and sanctity of marriage and how it was overrated that she began to think i might not be serious about what i was saying but she still wasn't sure


in the next scene, my sister and i had moved away from the table and we were away from the main body of people


i could see she was still a bit concerned and she had decided to ask me what i thought about her new relationship


i couldn't stop myself from silently laughing and my body was jerking in the way it does when a good belly-laugh is in progress


my sister had formed the question she was going to ask and had said half of it before turning to me and delivering the pertinent last few words of the sentence


i had to put my fingers to my teeth and pretend to be scraping them so she wouldn't see i was fit to burst out laughing


i'd had my revenge and it had run its course


my sister realised she had been "had" and her face became a wonderfully relaxed teeth-smile which carried an admiration for the male sense of humour and a tinge of weariness


from the moment i had penetrated her cocoon of bliss to the end of the dream i had been the jester-joker of the gathering and the dream was one long parade of smiling and laughing


when i woke the endorphins were gushing through my body and the feeling lasted for minutes after waking




the stand-out part of the dream: sisters teeth-smile




vividness: 3.8 to 4