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first dream


a dream about a dog

animal () mammal () dog ()


second dream


the name of the dream



two greys and myself in a room about the size of a living room


one of the greys was lying on a table, she or he was seriously ill


the other grey was standing nearby watching what i was doing


there were twenty-four wooden pegs about the length and width of a big cigar


the pegs looked like the pawns used in chess but without the base or the bails used on the top of wickets in a game of cricket


the pegs were evenly spaced on a wooden frame which had four tiers and there were about five or seven centimetres between each peg


in another scene, the pegs had been moved and i was counting out loud the number of pegs in their new position (the stand-out part of the dream and it was externalised)


there was a bit of hesitation at number twenty-three (for some reason the number was a crucial aspect of the diagnosis as it revealed the competence or degree of the severity of whatever it was that was afflicting the patient) before i saw the last peg and said with a confidence that implied a remedy was possible "twenty-four"


notes 1


this is the first ever dream about greys


it is one of the cornerstones of dreams theory that the content of dreams are events that have, and, depending on the Time-Tense, will happen again


the events of this dream, may therefore, not happen for centuries or longer


it is certain that greys of the dinosaur-class of man-shaped beings and mammal- man-shaped beings will share the same timeline for many thousands of years into the futurevividness 3.8


it is possible the greys in this dream are of the mammal-class of man-shaped being




vividness 3.8




the category of the dream: greys (2) mammal/dinosaur (?)