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the name of the dream

maximum security


in a maximum security prison


there was no free association with other inmates


other long-term prisoners became trustees and delivered food which meant they could, and did, do small favours like getting a pencil or passing a message to another inmate which was highly forbidden


a corrupt turnkey would, for a price, smuggle out a letter or make a phone call


it all hinged on the prisoner not to reveal who the inmates and prison staff were if anything came to light


if a trustee was discovered to have broken the rules then the much-prized ability to move around the prison with a fair amount of unsupervised freedom would be taken away and he would be re-categorised as a "tier 1" prisoner in and be in virtual isolation for many years after


if a prison guard was implicated then he would lose his job and the other prison guards would make sure the inmate suffered to the breaking point


it was the tacit understanding that a breach of prison protocol automatically got the prisoner a bloody beating for incriminating a guard


i hadn't been careful enough and was caught with a partially written letter


a guard came into my cell and asked me who gave me the pen "i'm sorry sir, i can't tell you that" and said the same thing when he asked me who i was going to give the letter to


the next and last scene of the dream was a view at a distance of about one hundred metres away of the ground-level prison with a red, smokey curtain-plume that looked like it was a liquid, (blood) rising from the entire area of the building


notes 1


this dream is the result of watching bouts of bloody boxing during the previous twenty-four hours




vividness: 3.7 - participant for the first two scenes and observer for the last scene - the category of the dream: prison dream () closed ()