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the name of the dream

"oi you"


had a pair of cockatiels in a cage about two-thirds of a metre in length and depth and about a metre high


had decided to take them with me and go to a pet shop and actually see what food it was they liked to eat before buying it


had tried porridge, bread and making a mash with different ingredients but they didn't go for it


the pet shop got it right first time


they got stuck right into some small grains of something or other


in one scene i was walking along and had to put the cage down for a reason i can't recall


as i was stooped down and was fiddling around with a fixture attached to the cage a bus pulled level with me and opened its doors


without realising it i was stooped down next to a bus stop and the driver had assumed i was waiting for a bus


not wanting to make the driver feel awkward for being considerate i got on the bus, plus catching a bus was a good idea as the cage was too big to hold comfortably without it knocking against my leg


a mild wave of panic gripped me when it occurred to me that i didn't have enough money to buy a ticket


i pulled all the coins i did have out of my pocket and was relieved when i could see there was more than enough to pay for a journey


there was a prolonged scene when i tried to separate the coins and keep hold of the cage at the same time


it became time-consuming so i held out all the change in my upturned hand and let the driver pick out the right coins


the next scene was one of three stand-out scenes of this dream, as i made my way nimbly between the seats of the half-full bus to two empty seats on the right half-way down the carriage


as i got level with the seats i swivelled and turned and as i lowered the cage into the seat next to the window both the cage and my bottom touched the seats at the same timei got level with the seats i swivelled and turned as i lowered the cage into the seat next to the window both the cage and my bottom touched the seats at the same time


in the next scene, the birds were leaning into each other with their feathers puffed up, the temperature was below what they were used to


in the next scene, i put my finger through the bars and tickled the back of the neck of the male


to my surprise and utter delight, he turned his head through about a hundred and ten degrees and without looking directly at me said "oi you"


i began letting out chuckles


i knew cockatiels could be fun but this pair was going to be real company


i looked up and around to see if anyone else had heard what i had just heard


on the opposite side of the bus, two girls were getting ready to get off at the next stop


one of them was almost standing upright and was looking elsewhere but the one still seated had heard it and was looking at me with astonishment and wonder


the dream finished there and i was still letting out chuckles when i was awake


a truly delightful dream and the first laughing dream since 10082018




vividness 3.3 to 3.7/8 - participant - the category of the dream: chuckling (1) animal () dinosaur () birds () cockatiels (1)