name of dream: thoughts about food 1


in a high street fast-food cafe


was ravenous and eating the food too fast


someone at the next table commented on it in a way which i was meant to hear


i could have ignored him but felt a rejoinder was appropriate


it led to a prolonged conversation


i pointed out that the way a person eats reflects how hungry they are and went on to demonstrate how a person could eat in a refined way if they wanted to even though they were really hungry


he saw i could out-refine him in table manners if i wanted to and his companions sat silently which i took as a sign of acknowledgement that i had proved my point


the lad who first spoke was smarting


i could see his attitude toward me was veering towards hostility and i saw that when they left they were standing twenty metres away on the corner waiting for me to come out


i was feeling uneasy as the dream ended




time-tense 4


qod 2.9


qos 3.8




pde's: may have been emotions but unsure


second dream


name of dream: only the wise


in a house of a family from the indian sub-continent who had emigrated to the u.k.


the eldest son of the family was something of an entrepreneur


he had come up with a way of copying the first line of a web address and reconstructing the product or service of what it was that the people of the web address offered


he gave me a demonstration


from an url of about twenty characters, he reproduced a solid object of considerable complexity


it's potential was obvious and he had impressed me


i gave him the web address of my website and could see he was in a state of perplexion as the dream ended




time-tense 3 or 4


qod 3


qos 3.8




pde's: nothing obvious