name of dream: plant 1


came across a young man who was down on his luck while i was out and about


we got on together and i invited him back to where i lived


in the very first scene of us back at my place, he became confrontational


there followed seven or so more scenes and in each scene, he was provoking me into becoming violent


in one scene he wheeled a motorbike into the flat


i was in a controlled-anger mode and said "the first chance i get i'll be throwing that out of the window


he wanted me to strike him but i knew what he was trying to do and wasn't going to fall for it


"in the last scene of the dream, i said "it comes down to which one of us falls asleep first"


his expression told me i had out-foxed him





time-tense: 3, 6, 8, 9


qod 2.8


qos 3.1




vividness: 3.6


stand-out moment: the last scene of the dream


category of dream:


cause/s of the dream


thinking about someone i had befriended recently


thinking about the antagonistic nature of the oligarchs, and what to do about it


notes 1