name of dream: the return of the alligator


been a couple of years since the last crocodile dream


all these allagator dreams have a menacing feel to them


was in a two-storey house which had been

converted into bedsits


i was in friends room who lived on the second floor, i was on the first floor


there were three or four people in the room when the alligator came through the door


it didn't seem to see anyone else


it came straight for me


i jumped onto the bed and was safe for the time being


it appeared another two times in different scenes of the dream and both times i managed to thwart it


i was more than just a bit unhappy about the way the owner of the reptile had given it the freedom of the house


there was every chance it would catch me unawares


i had got into the habit of opening the door i was about to through a little and peering into the room


i told the person who had brought it into the house that if he didn't get rid of it i was going to take action


i had already formed a plan to get it to put its head over the bath and kill it by thrusting a half-metre hunting knife through its throat and into its brain


i had become homicidal towards it


i knew it would be gone eventually


the matter still hadn't been resolved when the dream ended


woke from the sleep and had a mini-montage of women in wedding dresses




time-tense: past tenses


quality of dream 2.8


quality of montage: 3.9


cause of dream: had to be stray thoughts or did it ?


category of dream: stray thoughts


notes 1


the contrast between the dream and the montage is worth a mention


was both the sleep sequence and the montage something of my own making or is the montage of my making and the dream not or is it vice versa ?


to begin making inroads into answering these sorts of questions a new entry called "the rate of change of evolution and devolution from undulation to undulation" is being initiated