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second sleep, the second dream

the name of the dream

the girl in care

became acquainted with a girl in a hospital

she seemed alright to me but was being supervised

a kinship between us developed immediately and i wanted to help her get out of the hospital

i ran up against a brick wall in the form of the hospital's administration, it  didn't want to know about any suggestions i made

they had the attitude of knowing what was best for her which was frustrating because i knew what was best for her as well

i would have to see her as an out-patient

the name of the dream: the dream of a memory

second sleep, the first dream

the same people as in the first sleep

we were talking about this, that and the other

that was it

this dream was about as uneventful as they get

first sleep

name of the dream: reluctant x

there were three of us in this dream; two males and a female

the male was an awake-time friend from years gone by

alan has featured in at least two other dreams, although

considering our friendship began sixty-plus years ago and lasted for twenty years, there should have been more

the three of us were in a reclining position and loosely clothed

the girl held my hand and then kissed it

she obviously wanted to become intimate

i felt awkward and held back because she was alan's girl

the girl said "for goodness sake" and took the initiative

we conjoined and i was glad we did; it was nice