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first dream


the name of the dream: the uninvited wedding guest


at a wedding reception but not as a guest or relative


walked into a room next to the room where the wedding party were having their meal


a woman guest twigged that i shouldn't have been there and decided to bring it to the attention of other people


the woman detective began looking around for the equivalent of a bouncer


if it had been an awake-time situation i would have left and that would have been that


in dream-time though it's not always that simple


things seem to either work out wonderfully or the situation degenerates into a full-blown drama


there were lots of people coming and going so i mingled in with the crowd


i ducked into the room where the main body of guests was and went to the far side of the room


i needed to become one of the invited and needed to merge


a man was struggling to get the small pieces of onion floating on top of a bowl of soup into a ladle so i offered to do it for him


with a certain amount of deftness which wasn't born of practise i got fifteen or twenty bits of onion into the ladle


i was wearing dark trousers and a white shirt and the man who i had helped with the soup said thanks in a way that told me he thought i was part of the hired help and that was my cue to get chatting to him


i stood with my back to the door so anyone looking for me would see the back of me chatting with a guest and wouldn't guess i was an intruder


the dream faded




a participant


vividness 3.5


second dream


the name of the dream: the hair-hat


was browsing in a shop which sold all manner of things


a woman walked in wearing dark-themed clothing and a hat which looked like it could be her hair or looked like it could have been her hair which looked like a hat, and that was where the appeal was


getting noticed is half the battle, is it not ladies?


she alluded to her head and asked the sales-person for another hat like the one she was wearing


the headgear did suit her, perhaps complimented her face would be a more accurate description


the hat was white on top and merged unevenly into the shade of her hair about half-way down her ears at the side and it went down the back of her neck and was tickling her skin where the neck becomes the shoulder


she was dead chuffed with the effect it had and wanted a second one just like it


i knew the feeling, i have had clothes, and items, which were just right or special in one way or another and bought a second one




vividness: 3.6


category of dream: fashion: clothes ()


third dream


the name of the dream: an embankment, a shopping trolley and a brightly-lit supermarket


it was night-time


the scene had an embankment, a shopping trolley and a brightly-lit supermarket


that's all i remember about this dream








the cause of the dream:


category of dream: fashion: clothes: ()




the quality of the dream:




the quality of the sleep: