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third dream


the name of the dream: double-catch


a dog-catch-frisbee contest was in progress


it wasn't just a dog-catching-a-frisbee competition


the dogs' handler was to catch the dog with the frisbee at of the height of the jump with the frisbee in the dog's mouth


someone who was practising it in the practise area didn't catch the dog right and the dog got hurt


cause of the dream: often think of playing with a dog doing frisbee-catch






the category of the dream: animal: () mammal: dog (13) frisbee-catching (1)


second dream


the name of the dream: street-walker


in the local gym which had enough equipment to cater for about ten people


americans were in town and were scheduled to drop in and see what facilities the gym had


was doing a shoulder-width-and-height straight-arm hold barbell exercise


three americans came in and i lost my concentration on two or three occasions and either bent my arms or had to lower the bar


most of the time was doing the exercise right and when it was done right my shoulders felt immensely strong


in the next scene was out and about in town and felt so much strength in my legs while walking i could adopt any one of two or three different gaits


was impressed by my own ability to change my style of walking and was still trying new ones as the dream ended




the stand-out part of the dream: the feelings of strength in the shoulders and legs


the significance of the stand-out part of the dream: this may be how i would like to feel or how i have felt or how i will feel


cause of the dream: pde's: a continuing drive to regain strength and mobility and thinking about the american political-influence earlier on in the day


vividness: 3.4


a participant


the category of the dream: health: strength: ()


third dream


the name of the dream:


the first scene, was at a dance in the company of three or four others, all girls i think


second scene, on my own in a pub


a girl came into the pub and began asking questions about one of the girls who were at the dance in the previous scene


between the first scene and this scene, the girl had died


the girl asking the questions was ardent in her quest to find out what had caused the girl to die and wanted any information which would satisfy her feeling that something unusual and possibly untoward had happened


i said "i was with her just before she died and she didn't seem to have anything on her mind"


the young lady in her middle-twenties didn't say anything


thinking it might make her feel better i said "she was enjoying herself at the dance"can't make head nor tails of the reason for the second scene


the girl never replied


notes 1


can't make head nor tails of the reason for the second scene