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the name of the dream

the easter parade


was one of about twenty-four thirty and forty years old's at a regular meeting place where we hoped to meet the boy or girl of our dreams


it was part of the routine that at the start of the evening we would separate into our genders, twelve in one corner of the room and twelve in the other


one at a time, we would walk into the centre of the room and with as much style as we could muster turn completely around, in the same way, fashion models do on a catwalk, and then give a three, four or five sentence presentation of ourselves


when we had all presnted ourselves we would go into the lounge area and socialise


when it was my turn, on the spur of the moment, i decided to do some completely out of the ordinary and not do a poised walk and give polished mini-speech but instead took three or four quick steps to get the momentum do a running head flip/spring


it was something i could do as a teenager and do it on the pavement to boot, it should be added, so doing it on carpet shouldn't be a problem


the run-in steps were a bit too strong and i nearly lost my balance when landing on my feet but i knew the effect had been achieved when i heard a few ooh's


then, finished it off with "my name is john. let's go, babe"


in the next scene, i am rifling through the bottom drawer of a metal filing cabinet looking for the file with my particulars in it


at first glance, it looked like there were more than a dozen stiff, brown paper folders but after lifting three of them out there was a box the size of a folder and half a metre deep with about thirty chocolate easter eggs all the same size and wrapped in different coloured crinkly foil




vividness 3.5 - participant - the category of the dream: female relationships () easter ()