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the name of the dream

the high jump


was looking at a screen (it might have been a t.v. or a computer or a phone)


the scene was of a typically-tall high jumper, thin but with the muscles of a body-builder, a wedge-shaped torso and wearing a skin-tight leotard; he also had long hair


he was standing at about fifteen metres from the bar at an angle of about three to five degrees from the centre of the bar


the field of vision was from about three metres behind the bar and took in the run-up area but none of the stadium or other competitors, if it was at a stadium or a competition


a voice said "a new world record"


the athlete sprinted for seven or eight metres, slowed his sprint almost to a halt by stubbing one of his feet and then picked up his speed and was still speeding up as he planted his foot for the jump


he was square-on to the right-hand side of the bar as he started to rise


the stand out part of the dream was the way every part of his body seemed to roll over the bar as he rose and the way his body slithered like snaked down the other side


one way a person could keep that close to a bar without disturbing it was if the leotard had heat-conductive properties and the bar was cold


the skin could then feel the coldness of the bar in the same way we can feel the coldness coming from of a lump of ice as we reach out to touch it


i woke up to hear myself saying "that's some jump"




vividness 3.4 - the category of the dream: athletics () high jump (1) - observer