name of dream: finding the rowley's



was in a built-up area of the town in dream 2 to visit people i once lived close to


a woman i didn't know came out of the house i was about to knock the door of


i asked her: "do you know where people who used to live here have moved to ?"


she did; one bit of conversation led to another and she suggested we go indoors


the friendly and amiable woman said she had four children and during our talking, she asked what i did for a living


the words "an architect" came out without me having thought to say it beforehand


don't know what made me say it, it just came out


in the next scene her husband, a girl of five or six and boy in his mid-teens were in the room with us


the family were expecting another young man but he never showed in the dream


the husband asked me a question about architecture


it became embarrassing for everyone as it became clear i had no knowledge whatsoever of the job


the atmosphere became awkward and i wished i was somewhere else


amid my deepening discomfiture, the young girl kiss-pecked my cheek


it didn't make the situation go away but it broke the intensity of the moment in the dream and the dream ended moments later




time-tense 1 or 4


qod 2.9


qos 3.7


stand-out moment


the face of the woman at the start of the dream






name of dream: an uphill struggle


at the bottom of the road that goes from spon end to the large green where the fairs are, or used to be, held

was on what looked like a foldaway bike with two gears


in the first gear it would mean peddling like mad just to maintain enough momentum to keep the bike going without losing balance and in the second gear the rider would have to stand on the peddles and use both the body weight and muscles, again just to keep the bike going forward fast enough to avoid coming to stop


it didn't matter which method of peddling was used, and i swapped between the two styles for most of the dream, it was maximum effort


finally, and with a sense of accomplishment and great gratification, the bike got over the brow of the hill and a level expanse of bright greenery spread out invitingly before me




time-tense 1


qod 4


qos 3.7


stand-out moment


the sight of the greenery