name of dream: lion being shot


in africa


from where i was looking i could see two hedgerows about two metres high separated by seven or eight metres of grass


the hedgerows stretched away into the distance as far as the eye could see


about sixty metres away and between the hedgerow, there was a brown african bull resting on the ground with its legs folded underneath it


a lion came into the scene about twenty-five metres away from where i was and was walking in a very casual manner toward the bull


i pointed at it and said "lion"


a man with a rifle appeared to my right, took aim and fired a shot


the lion, still moving casually, turned its head, looked at its hindquarters, and then started walking towards us


i had a moment of panic as it looked as if the lion was coming to get us


after a couple of steps in our direction the lion changed direction again and carried on walking the way, and in the same manner, it had been walking before being shot


the lion took another three or four steps and then slumped to the ground


the way it fell to the ground told me it was dead




time-tense: 6, 9


qod 2.8


qos 4




vividness: 3.5


stand-out moment: the casual manner of the lion


category of dream: unassigned


cause/s of the dream: unknown


notes 1


a lion that has been fatally wounded doesn't react casually after being shot


perhaps it was in greater pain before it was shot


perhaps it was at the end of its life and was about to die anyway




second dream


name of dream: x dream - reunited (my ref. b)


a friend of mine took me to the house of a friend of his


unbeknown to him, or me, the partner of his friend was an awake-time girlfriend of mine from some years before


i never spoke to her during the time my friend was there


when the person who had brought me got up to leave i followed him to the door and said "i'll catch up with you later" and turned and went back into the living room


it was obvious to me she wasn't satisfied with the relationship she was in and i needed to find out if the looks she had been giving me meant what i thought they meant


they did, and within seconds of dream time we were undressed and conjoined


about fifty seconds of dream-time later the sound of the back door opening caused us to separate


i headed upstairs for the toilet


two or three steps up the stairs i knew i had to go back and get my clothes


had gathered the clothes and was going back up the stairs when the dream ended




either an and/or of time-tense: 1, 4, 7,


qod 4


qos 4.2




vividness: 3.5


stand-out moment: a long, moist kiss while conjoined


category of dream: x dream


cause/s of the dream: thoughts about women during the day


notes 1


the ex-girlfriend and me had been separated by circumstances beyond the control of either of us (i'll tell you about it sometime)


at the time we spilt-up our relationship was very much an ongoing one


we suited each other down to the ground


she was the only girlfriend i ever had who had a sense of humour


she didn't make me laugh out loud but her sense of humour regularly brought a prolonged smile to my face and as is the case with smiles they produce Endorphins


she used to enjoy me "ribbing" her, which i did routinely


we only ever said "no" to each other once


the time she said no to me it really rattled me and although i tried to hide it she knew she had "got" to me


within a day or two, i got the chance to give her a tatse of her own medicine


it was a night in at my place


films, music, food, marijuana... by an open fire


i felt bad about it but it had to be done


she had gone out of her way to make herself look appealing on the night... clothes, just the right amount of make-up and she was in "that" frame of mind with "that" look in her eyes


the look on her face when i said "no" affected her more deeply than expected and i nearly buckled


it had the desired effect though, neither of us said no again


notes 2


it is agreed that it is the woman's prerogative to say no, however; when a woman says no she has to live with that decision


a male isn't obliged to accept an invitation of "yes" after the female has said "no"


notes 3


very few people understand the writer's position with regard to gender


of mammal-man-shaped beings, it is only he who can be either gender in any point of time throughout the course of evolution


that he manifests as a male is due to the fact that males are, generally speaking, bringing up the rear in terms of evolution


it is the writer's "lot" that, of mammal-man, he is always "bringing up the rear"


as we edge toward Transmutation his feminine traits will emerge and he will become a "her" again


it is slowly coming to be realised that women are ahead of their male counterparts where it matters most... the disposition to love


notes 4


there was just one time in my life when i said "no" first


it was at a community centre for teens


a girl a sent her friend to tell me she wanted to go with me


i looked over to where she was


i know a "wrong'un" when i see one


i shook my head


the girl who sent her mate over to me made a gesture and said "f... off then"


what do you think ladies ?


was my judgement right ?


was my "no" justified ?