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the name of the dream

the creative camera-man, agricultural innovation and nonsense banter


the first scene, a slow zoom-out sequence which lasted about three or four seconds of dream-time


the opening shot showed a length of rail-track which went about two-hundred metres into the distance


as the field of view gradually pulled back to within ten metres of where the camera was the scene revealed first, the legs, then the legs and buttocks and then finally the legs, buttocks and the head and hair of a smiling woman in a skin-tight leotard leaning over with her face upside down smiling into the camera


the camera-man was attempting to be artistically creative as well as suggestively provocative


the second scene, another observer scene which showed eight to ten furrows in the ground


was unable to determine the width of the furrows but they went off into the horizon


the furrows were being hewn out of the ground by an unseen bit of technology from overhead that was causing the soil to become dry and was making little dust-devils


the statement... "the phelps award for the most significant contribution to food production in history" accompanied the scene


the third scene, there was an air of expansive good-naturedness in what looked like a thirty or forty-seater cafe with a group of four, five or six males sitting near the entrance-door and i was at the far end of the cafe about five metres away


the males had or were trying to "rib" me


good-naturedly, i hit back with something along the lines of "a deflated football would be able to challenge your intelligence"


one of the lads gave out with a flabbergasted laugh and came back with something like "how can a person make sense of that"


there were teeth smiles all round




vividness 3.2 to 3.5 - participant and observer - the category of the dream: three-scene dream (18 ?)