name of dream: grex


it was evening in location two


there were three characters at the start of the dream


a young boy of eight or nine and a cat with a thin fawn coat


the boy was dawdling


didn't want to get authoritarian with him and decided to lure him into walking at my pace


went into an off-license and bought two small bars of chocolate while the boy and grex waited at the door


when back outside there were three young adults standing there as well


grex had been frightened and i could tell it was the twenty-year-olds because of the look on their faces


you've probably seen the look... a slightly sadistic smile that people who delight in intimidating people exude


they lost a bit of their composure when they saw i might take them to task but they weren't overly worried; it was still three onto one


besides, there was the youngster and grex to think about


i picked grex up and placed him around my neck with its back legs hanging loosely over my left shoulder and its front legs draping down my front-right side with its head brushing against the side of my face


i gave the boy one of the bars of chocolate and said "we can get another one when we get to the next shop"


grex was comfortable now and i could sense he was his relaxed care-free self again


we were just starting to move away from the front of the offie when a friendly person who i didn't know that well but well enough to have a friendly chat with came up behind us


he was a sturdy peaceful man with a satisfied-with-life charisma


he was, like me, something of a loner


his calm confident manner disturbed men like the ones who had picked on the small boy and most despicably had delighted in frightening a cat


men who like to dominate other men are quite common but happily not that numerous; the balance is tipped toward peacefulness


one or two men like the ones being described had made the mistake of trying to disturb, through violence and aggression, the demeanour of the man who had just joined us when on two occasions past


his response to violence toward himself put paid to aggression with one blow of the fist and knocked all the aggression out of them; they had never heard the maxim "never rile a peaceful man"


he had to demonstrate his defensive prowess twice and both times it was with bully-men who had the reputation of being the type of people you kept away from and if you did find yourself in their company you had better know how to kowtow


his "one-punch and it's over" status was legendary, particularly amongst the bullies


it was my chance to make the men who had got a kick out of taking on a boy and a cat feel like the small men they were


the man who just joined us was walking in the same direction as we were


the four of us were ten or fifteen metres from the shop from the shop when i said something which was designed to make the man who just joined stop and turn around and look


i could almost feel the bullies at the shop squirming as they thought i had just told the peaceable man what they had done


and if that wasn't justice enough across the other side of the road walking in the opposite direction to us was another no-nonsense man who was respected by everyone


i told the man who had just joined us that i had to give him a message and would only be a few seconds


i crossed the road, said hello and some other things to the man and then pointed down the road and said something fitting like "be careful if you go in that offie. there's a woman in there who will eat you alive"


i took a look at the three offending men as i crossed back over the road


they were dawdling




time-tense: see notes 2


qod 3.4 qos 3.6




notes 1


grex is german rex


i bought a german rex for a bit of company in 1988


it didn't take long to realise it wasn't like other cats


as in the dream, i would lay it across my shoulders when i went out and about


usually for safety sake its front paws would be in my right hand and its back legs in my left


it was completely content in that position


it would follow me just like a dog


among the memories of it is the time we went to the park in the dead of night


i took a torch with a bright beam


as i shone it here and there both grex and myself would take in the scenes the torch highlighted


we climbed trees together that night


i could walk it on a leash and had got him to respond to a whistle when his meal was ready


friends and neighbours were well impressed


notes 2


what has got me wondering is why, when the exactitudes used to ensure that all the random events which could change the course of history and evolution are so carefully woven into our lives, the exactness of events from undulation to undulation isn't accessible to the dream-time memory


perhaps they will be


let us consider that the moment of conception for dreams and dreams theory was 2009 (see the origins of dreams theory) and its birth was october 2017


october 2017 was when the notion that the dream-time conscious is superior to the awake-time conscious and is slowly coming to the fore


our corporeal selves and the awake-time conscious are nothing more than the means through which we enter into a necessary stage of evolution


the more we practice using the dream-time faculties the more accurate will be the chronology of the information therein