the name of the dream

new business

four or five newly-built premises replaced the previous buildings near the city centre of cover's tree

the new building had been built underneath an existing historically important building

the new buildings were single-storey and due to the use of glass doors, looked, at first glance, as though it was a single building

all in all, it was quite impressive

the premises were ready to be occupied and were about to be launched officially

out of sight, someone pressed a button and it lit up a single neon light which straddled the length of all the new premises between the top of the re-modelled new premises and the old building

the blue neon light was about two metres in height and about twenty-five metres across

about three-quarters of this dream was taken up with the neon light giving the name of the new proprietors which preceded a four or five word explanation of the service they were offering

my business was the last business to show in lights but not to worry, the messages were looped and my message would get an equal amount of advertising

the blue neon light was the stand-out part of the dream (3.8 to 3.9)


vividness 3.8 to 3.9 - observer - the category of the dream: business () neon lights (1)