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the name of the dream: prequel to x with miss x


this is the second pleasure dream with this unknown lady


it's possible this dream will become a serial dream (three dreams)


neither dream contained x although in both dreams we were both unclothed


a slightly longer than usual pleasure dream


the first scene was a kiss and it was fairly brief, about three seconds of dream-time


in the second scene, we had re-positioned ourselves


she was lying on her back with her right arm under and around my neck with her hand resting on my chest


her left arm was at her side or resting on the left side of her body


i was laying slightly lifted on my left side with my left hand under her head with my elbow taking the weight of my body and poised ready to rest on her if she pulled me down


we began another kiss


i took the lead and refrained from pushing back against her body when her hips began moving up and down


instead, using two, three and four of the finger-tips of my right hand, i was pulling up and gently letting go of her left nipple; my lips and tongue would have been the best "tool" for that motion but the night was still young


the sensation of the kiss and the feel of her nipple was something to be savoured


at that moment it would have been a good time to conjoin* but, as this website is hoping to convey, the purpose of pleasure is to acquaint and imbue our physiology with ever-increasing levels of pleasure


not sure what, if anything, went through her mind when i didn't conjoin


her movements in response to what she was feeling were a natural consequence of the situation, a built-in stimulus-response mechanism, put there by you-know-who


the second kiss was most of the dream, between eight and twelve seconds in dream-time (don't forget, in awake-time ten seconds is at least five, six or seven or more times longer than dream-time)


in the third scene, we were touching but not pressed against each other


she said, "i want to be with you for a while". she was referring to the relationship


can't remember exactly what my reply was but it contained the words... "take our time"


she then said something else which i can't remember and i replied "why is something wrong? "


i woke up as i was saying "why is something wrong?


notes 1


*conjoinment occupies a special place within our consideration of pleasure


we can begin to separate the building of pleasure via non-procreational sexual activity and the explosive pleasure of synchronised ejaculation in conjoinment


the sensation of pleasure is part of the "toolkit" of an evolving being


we have to learn why we experience pleasure and how to use pleasure to make more of it


the sensation of pleasure is set to increase by five and ten thousandfold before we transmutate


feeling that much pleasure permanently is necessary to cushion what would otherwise be a stupefyingly overwhelming sense of freedom (the word endless and the experience of endless are two completely different things)


notes 2


it looks like the categorising and formulating of dreams will not be completed in the writer's lifetime


people are invited to copy and paste all pages related to dreams and dreams theory and put them into a database and have a go at categorising them


it will be one of the things the writer has to "catch-up" with at the start of the five-hundred-year epoch which follows the current one-thousand-year epoch


the database/s which the writer refers to most one-thousand years from now will...


p.s. keep a copy of The Current Database




vividness: 3.7




the category of dream: pleasure: () kissing and finger touch: () non-conjoiment: ()