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the name of the dream: comfortable


in a room about four by three metres


it was a home cinema set-up


the screen was about two metres wide and one ond one-third metres in height and was fixed at head-height to the three-metre wall


there wasn't anything on the screen but there was enough light to make out what a person looked like


there were'nt any chairs just bean-bags and cushions


the bean-bags were big enough for people to sit in and the cushions ranged in sizes from a metre square to a third of a metre square


it could accomodate fifteen people in comfort


most of the people were people already in the room and the film was about to start when i entered and went to my "reserved" position a metre or so from the back wall


"my" position allowed me to lie on my right side with a cushion behind my back and against the wall which spread my weight and allowed me to lie on my back if i did want to change position


there was a girl who had inadvertantly encroached into part "my space"


it meant that when i was lying down with my head propped in the viewing position her thigh was under my head


she thought i was using her leg as a cushion and kept moving her leg to get me to change my position


i was having none of it, i refused to budge from my well-established viewing position


another girl came into the room and laid down and positioned herself so that her head was level with my waist


she positioned her cushions in such a way that i had to lift my left leg up so the cushion could make contact with the floor


when she had got into a comfortable position her cushion lifted my right leg and added a further degree of comfortableness, there was discernable weight in my left leg


to top things off she hooked her left arm under my right leg so that her hand was resting just above my knee, giving a feeling of intamacy


who knew where her hand would be halfway through the film ?


the girl who was originally unhappy with my position must have seen what the new arrival had done and realised that if anyone was going to change position it would have to be her


she compromised and put a cushion under my head


so now my head was resting on a cushion on a woman's thigh


i said to her "that's really comfortable", she didn't reply


it was perfect, i was so comfortable from head to feet i could feel myself going to sleep


the film would be starting any moment but hadn't started when intro or end-credit music started playing


and was still playing a moment or two later when i was fully awake


here's a nice little touch... i went to sleep while listening to a ninety-minute radio play


the music at the end of the radio play in awake-time coincided with the beginning of the film in dream-time !


it's conceivable that in another time in another dream the dream-time film that was about to start in this dream does start playing and becomes a dream-within-a-dream category of dream in a future time


altogether now in the key of c major...

"scene by scene dream your dreams see your future now .... .... .... .... .... .... .... .... .... ...." (sung to the tune of Row your boat)




the category of the dream: films: (1) women: (1)


vividness: 3.2