name of dream:



at my auntie's (g) house


on the lawn at the front of the house was a bullet-shaped contraption that was the size of a two-man bob sleigh and, like a bobsleigh, it was hollowed out


it was as makeshift as something could be


it was a garish green and it looked like it was something straight out of a soapbox derby of an early disney film i watched as a kid


in the next scene, it was flying about three hundred metres away a hundred metres up


it made a terrible racket and i thought to myself "it's noisy"


then my auntie said "isn't it noisy"


in the next scene, it had just landed in the front garden


only now the helicopter blades were prominent, there weren't any blades on it in the first scene


the dream ended there




either an and or of time-tense: 3, 6


qod 3


qos 3.8




vividness: 3.8


stand-out moment: the green colour in the first scene


category of dream: unassigned


cause/s of the dream: unknown


notes 1


it's as likely as not that the three scenes of this dream aren't in chronological order but were put into a logical sequence by the dream-conscious


what brought this dream about in the first place ?


it's possible to connect the sound of the helicopter to a helicopter which flew over the house a few days back


the colour, the shape of the device, the sound it made and my auntie weren't part of the previous few days experiences between then and now though


if the stand-out feature of the dream is assigned to the noise it made then that could explain it but then why a four or five day's delay before the dream-conscious presented it to the present-time conscious



and even if it was the helicopter sound what connection or relevance has it got ?


the only thing which presents itself is if i draw your attention to the noise of the helicopters that used to wake up large swaths of the population at the last place i lived as helicopters flew just above house-level whilst pursuing a joy-rider or car thief


the police would wake thousands of people out of their sleep whilst pursuing a joy-rider or car thief; there is a disproportionate response to events here


it wouldn't surprise this website to find out that the use of helicopters in the middle of the night and which wakes thousands of people out of their sleep is a deliberate ploy done to make people feel less well


a person who is tired or fatigued is a lot easier to control than is an alert person !


which makes the relevance of this dream an alert-notice to the subtle and sinister methods used by the Oligarchs to maintain control of peoples lives