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the name of the dream

the job seeker

desperately needed a job and was methodically going from business to business along the high street of a busy city centre trying to sell myself

after trying a dozen or so businesses hadn't had any luck

the same two reasons were given for not employing me... either i didn't have any experience in the type of work the companies specialised in or i was too old

decided to try one or two more places before finally calling it a day

the next door i walked through was well-lit and had about twenty cubicles, ten on either side of the oblong room,  separated by a single sheet of a chest-high glass plate

don't remember what it was the companys' service or goods were

after speaking to the person who started the company, a patient, friendly man, he too said i was too old for the job and that should have been that

as i was getting up and leaving i proposed that the company could do something unusual with regard to one of the things he had said during the informal interview

when i was out of the building and a few steps down the street i realised i had left something in the building i had just come out of and turned around and went back to pick it up

the stocky man in a white shirt who had interviewed me was now standing and further into the room

my parting remark must have tweaked his imagination because now he was overly polite and keen to hear more about the suggestion i'd made

i realised he would employ me if i could expand further on some of the details of the idea

while explaining to him he motioned to someone to come over to us and listen to what was being said

the final scene of the dream was me saying "so i should be here ready to start tomorrow at the same time, ten-thirty ?"

he nodded and i woke up to the thought that i had been job-hunting all day but it was still mid-morning in the dream

notes 1

this dream was due to one of the hundreds of repeating memories of awake-time experiences which assert themselves every now and then for no particular reason i can put my finger on

the awake-time experience this dream was based on an occassion when, as a teenager living in london, i was so desperate for money/work i went methodically from retail shop to retail shop in a street of retail shops trying to, and eventually, getting a job by by referring to a prestigious clothes shop that i used to work for

there's also a funny aside to this awake-time experience which will get a mention if there is another dream which has the same theme as this one


vividness 3 to 3.9 - participant - the category of the dream: job-hunting (1)