name of dream: box montage (1)


woke from sleep still feeling a bit sleepy


changed position in bed a couple of times and relaxed


a regular montage began


after a dozen or so scenes the format of the sequences, all of which had motion, the sequences began showing in a rapid/runaway style


the sequences became too fast to take in


then, the format changed from single sequences to a group of sequences of between eight across and the same number of sequences down and they were all the same size, hence the name box montage


well, it's one thing to have a "one-image-a-time" montage but this new format... it was like giving a child the keys to a sweet shop


first of all... they were all in colour and all had motion


it was possible to view one "box" then go to another, look at that, and then go back to the one before


none of the sequences watched was looped


how long each one would last i didn't discover


when you've got fifty or more films to watch you want to take a quick look at each one before deciding to view, which is what i did


after two minutes or thereabouts the assembly of films had other sequences forming at the corners and at the side


it struck me... i could go on with this for hours


so i turned over and opened my eyes and looked at the wall clock to see what time it was


it was still early and there was nothing pressing to do so i rolled back into my previous position ready to indulge myself


closed my eyes and went to continue where i had left off less than a minute before


couldn't summon the images though


i felt like i had been robbed


still, the sequences before i opened my eyes was still fresh in the memory so it would have to be re-runs




i couldn't get the freeze-frame option to work in this box montage, nor the replay


it was possible to zoom in with some of the films




it was only a few weeks back (04122017) when replays of montage sequences were the latest cool faculty of the dream state


a week later (09122017) the latest and greatest new faculty was the freeze-frame, and now this


how many new faculties are there going to be ?




the dream in the sleep which came before waking up had some cool special effects in it


a quick mention of it... was walking through thick grass which came up to my shins in an open expanse of the countryside


something in the distance caught my eys and i started running towards it


after ten strides i ran off the cliff and was plummeting through the air to a river or stream eight hundred or more metres down


the scene was similar to the gorge in pic 2, only the gorge in the dream was twice as deep and there was thick foliage everywhere


instantly, i knew i was a goner


and instantly after that thought, a thick bush about half as big as a house and growing sideways out of the cliff about thirty metres below me came into view and i landed in it


it meant breaking branches to get to the cliff-face which took a while and when i got there, the dream went from participant to observer at this point, the wall broke and the pieces it broke into were all squares and dissolved out of existence before reaching the ground


a sense of adventure gripped me and some exciting things began


after seven or eight scenes the dream became fairy-tale like and i knew i would have to remember it for dreams diary


i woke up and it took thirty seconds to get the voice recorder ready for use


i began talking the notes of the dream into the voice recorder and after i had dictated to the bit of the dream when the wall dissolves i couldn't remember what happened after but do remember it had a sense of fantasy


pity about that




qod 3.9 qos 3.7


the stand-out part of the dream: the wall dissolving


the significance of the stand-out part of the dream: the dream would have become a new category of a dream... fantasy-reality


thinking about the dream and what the awake-time circumstances would have to be for it to happen are being held back until we get going


participant and observer


category of dream: fantasy reality (1)


notes 1


again, the semi-sleepy state comes over as being the best frame of mind to be in to bring montages into being


another consistency is the awake-time time-sense that accompanies them


and further, the post-sleep state of consciousness is the time when montages are most likely to occur


so, upon waking and without opening the eyes is the best time to try it







picture 1


box montage format



picture 2