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second dream


the name of the dream

too popular


an awake-time ex-girlfriend from seven years ago turned up out of the blue


i had some ace hash and was only too eager to impress her


she appreciated the "hit" and praised its qualities more than once


in the next scene, we were "getting into each other", although i must admit i was more enthusiastic about getting back together than she was


the last time i saw her she was a little overweight and it gave her face a "heavy" look


in this dream, she had transformed


she had a classy two-sided hair-style, had lost weight and her face was a picture of health


i commented "you look really well"


in the next scene, i was answering the door to a youngish man


had never seen him before and he asked me if he could buy some hash


before i had time to tell him no the scene had changed and now there were three young men


the closest to me started to make his way through the door


i stretched out my arm and placed my hand on his chest and kept him back


he became more determined and now i was having to use the weight of my body to stop him moving forward


the two people either side and behind him began to move forward as well


the scene changed again and now there were five young men; the pushing and shoving had stopped


i said something like "there's too many of you" and this part of the dream ended


the next part of the dream was the same house


now there was an awake-time neighbour looking through the letter-box


it was a friendly face


we exchanged one or two sentences through the letterbox


that's all i can remember of this part of the dream


the stand-out parts of the dream: the girl's complexion and the pressure of the young man pushing against my hand


notes 1


for the second time the writer is going to explain where you-know-who stands in relation to thc


on two occasions, while smoking hash, the state known as a "whitie" occurred


when i was firmly in the grip of the whitie she/he chimed in with "no more blow"; the tone of the sentence was unequivocal


the second time, a year more later, her/his words was "remember this time"


feeling as though i should be allowed to decide for myself i continued smoking it for some years after you-know-who had made her/his thoughts known


i pressed the point on one occasion "is it ok to smoke it once in a while ?"


that question got a reluctant "i suppose so" from the tone i could tell she/he was disappointed i had asked


then a year or two later i asked: "is it alright to smoke it once a year ?" that question went unanswered


lastly, i asked: "is it ok to eat it once a year" and to my surprise, she/he gave her/his approval


the tone of the words carried the feeling of a happy compromise


so that's it, people


once a year


i haven't yet met with disapproval for the idea of a weekend of non-stop dancing using hash cakes and hash soups for sustenance


friday night to sunday night of being high equals one one-hundredth and an eighty-fourth of a year !


notes 2


an instance of hypocrisy


ten days of continual use of marijuana has helped me break the habit of having two periods of sleep in one day


for a week or so before using marijuana for the first time in three years i had not been remembering dreams and the trend is continuing while smoking


what influence does cannabis have on dreams ?


first dream


the name of the dream

stop motion with looped sound


this dream took place in my current location


there were three of us, all males


we were standing in and around the doorway that linked the living room to the hallway


one of the others had rolled a really neat joint


it was the length of a hand and about as thick as a biro


then, the motion in the dream stopped


i was waiting for him to light it but he didn't


both of them stood there motionless


i thought they were playing a joke on me, knowing i would be waiting to have a smoke myself i would get impatient and say something



they played their parts well and i did say something


but still, they didn't move


i thought "i'll turn the tables on them"


so i whipped the joint out of his mouth of the and put it in mine


still, they didn't move


i thought "i know how to get them to move. i'll light it and start smoking it myself"


i would be breaching the etiquette "the roller gets first dibs" that exists amongst tokers and would have a laugh on them


they will soon stop playing then i thought


i never lit it because now, after several seconds, they were still stock still and i realised something strange was happening


as more seconds passed i wanted someone else to see what i was seeing so i went to the front door and opened it


for the first few fleeting moments after opening the door the postman, who wasn't delivering anything to me, was moving but then he too went into freeze-frame


before any other thoughts went through my head a dog's bark sounded in the dream


it was a low, gruff/growl type of bark


it wasn't until the sixth or seventh bark that i realised it was the same bark which was repeating and, to complete the weirdness of the dream, it was only in my left ear


the category of the dream: stop-motion dream (2)


notes 1


this is the second stop-motion dream


this one has the added feature of sound