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the name of the dream: insistent entrant


second successive prison dream


this prison was even laxer than yesterday's prison


it was so lax i had managed to smuggle my girlfriend in for a few hours


the dormitory was of the barracks-style with eight beds either side of the room and i was sleeping down against the wall furthest from the door


the scene changed and i was at a door responding to a knock and asking who it was who wanted to come in


the person never answered but the door started to open


it was, as mentioned, an easy-going place but not so easy-going that it would tolerate non-inmates from coming and going whenever inmates wanted


i had to stall the would-be entrant from getting in long enough for my girlfriend to get dressed


the door started to open again and i put my weight against it so it didn't open more than a couple of centimetres


the weight of the person against the door ceased and i whispered loudly to my girlfriend to hurry


again, the door began to be pushed open and the gap was almost big enough for the person on the other side of the door to get their head through, which is what he tried to do


i put my hand around the side of the door and made contact with his head


he was really making an effort to push his way in and for the longest part of the dream it was a push and shove battle of determination


the scene changed and now it wasn't my girlfriend in the room but a long-time male acquaintances


i told him to get out through the window and the dream ended as he was doing so


notes 1


the second dream where someone has tried to push their way through a door






the category of the dream: prison: () open ()


the quality of the dream: 3.4


the quality of the sleep: 3.8







the cause of the dream:


category of dream: fashion: clothes: ()


the quality of the dream: 3.7


the quality of the sleep: 3.8