the name of the dream

nearly trapped

had become a dealer in black market cigarettes

my supplier had opened my "account" with a few hundred cigarettes

had sold about one-third of them when the supplier told me that i had to "square-up" my account

it meant giving the money or cigarettes back to the supplier

the supplier was expecting that i would do what everybody else had done... spent the money from the sale of the cigarettes and the commission money

he could then turn around and demand i sold cigarettes for him without getting a "commission"

luckily, my natural tendency to keep my ingoings and outgoings balanced by keeping the money from the sale of the cigarettes and my commission separate, i was able to withdraw what i owed from the bank

he and his partner were double-checking the cigarettes, the cigarette money and the commission and were becoming frustrated that i hadn't fallen into their trap


vividness 2.9 to 3 - participant - the category of the dream: black market cigarettes (1)