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the name of the dream: joining consciousnesses


the name of the dream:


the dream was about three dogs


was having difficulty in remembering the details of the dream after the third scene and because when i tried to recall the fourth scene i began having difficulty in recalling the three scenes i had remembered i decided to type what i could remember in case the three scenes that were fresh in my mind faded completely


typed the first two sentences easily enough but when i got to the third sentence it wasn't making sense with the first two


so i put the third sentence first and put sentences two and three as sentences one and two


now i was having difficulties in remembering and composing when trying to put the written scenes in a different order to what they happened


it finally started coming together when i started think-reading what i had written and begn composing it in think-write style


however, the think-write technique was not of the type of think-write dream of 18012018 but in the style of a think-read dream of 15092014


all in all, i had spent so much time trying to form the wording and the order of the scenes the third scene had slipped from my memory altogether


i abandoned trying to put this dream together


woke up feeling disappointed with myself and concluded that unless there was another dream in the next sleep i would be having later on in the day, today would be the first day without recording a dream since the 28032018


tried to rationalise why the details of the dream were so elusive and what could be done to avoid it from becoming a regular thing


though about it for a while and then woke up into awake-time


after some time in awake-time, it was realised... it was the type of dream that was the dream not the scenes of the dogs


a little smile formed as i thought again what i had known for many years, as much as anything, in you-know-who's eyes, i'm a tool


it's possible that i furnished the thoughts that caused the theme of this dream but the real cause is, i'm sure, the dream was scheduled to appear about now


you, the reader, can also become a liaison for you-know-who (see Sead Lead Article 2)


notes 1


three points




believed i was in awake-time and at the keyboard from the moment i began to type a record of the dream




straddled both dream-time conscious and awake-time conscious for seven or eight thoughts




on our way to Transmutation awake-time conscious and dream-time conscious become fully interchangeable




category of dream: timed-to-occur: () think-writing in think-reading style: (1)