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third dream


the name of the dream: beauty is in the sound of the listener


was walking along a wide path which went through a wooded area


the sounds of amor off to my left and out of sight drew my attention


as i listened the sounds took on a special quality which reverberated through me


i knew i must know the woman who was producing those sounds


i waited for the couple to come out of the bush


they came out and i followed them to the end of the path


the couple split up and the woman went to the right and the man went to the left


i didn't see her face but the colour of her hair was fixed in my memory


i thought i had lost her when the colour of her hair seperated her from everyone else


i began moving toward her and when i was about four metres away she turned around to speak to someone


she wasn't anything like what i thought she would look like


in fact, to me she was unappealing


she must have qualities which a person would find very appealing but i knew she wasn't for me


second dream


the name of the dream: the run


in a rural area running along a two-lane "a" road that twisted and turned, went up and down and only had short lengths of straights


there was no sensation of movement in my legs


the effort was in keeping the speed at a constant rate which would enable me to follow the line of the road at top speed while avoiding the sparse traffic and occasional push-bike


the distance covered in the dream was three, five or seven kilometres


the speed varied between thirty and seventy kilometres an hour with the average speed closer to sixty than fifty


notes 1


this dream was the result of thinking i may regain full mobility


the experience itself has to be a future time-tense and the low vividness rating suggests it is a long way into the future


notes 2


the longest run in any dream so far




vividness: 3.2




the category of the dream: running () road: ()


first dream


the name of the dream: kiss, touch and go


a girl likes the look of a boy and wants him to kiss her


if she likes the kiss she parts her legs and invites the boy to touch her


if the boy's touch is more pleasurable than the kiss they arrange to continue enjoying each other


notes 1


this dream was shorter than usual for a pleasure-dream


it is thought this dream is a scheduled dream, i.e. a dream timed to occur now


it is from you-know-who to people in general and is meant to introduce the idea that pleasure can/should be organised


do i need to say the "touch" part of the dream was the most pleasurable part


notes 2


this dream is also tied in with the dream of 30052018 (scheduled for publication in about five weeks)


the connection between that dream and this one will be obvious


notes 3


it is to be my privilege, ladies, to show you what you will look like a few million years hence


none of the films produced about extraterrestrials even hints at the state of mind that accompanies evolving beings


it is an intense sense of well-being which produces physical characteristics which will blow your mind


the person to person contact this website had with three females of the dinosaur class of man-shaped beings some years back was charged with a sexual connotation


their wondrous and appealing sense of well-being has a cheeky, very cheeky, fun-filled approach to sexuality


the three females who "dropped in" exuded this cheekiness


they left me lying on my back with my legs spread open with nothing covering my body


my sense of their frame of mind was "wait until we get our hands on you"


contemporary mammal man, you had better start adjusting your outlook to women


she has a lust for more life at least twice as great as yours


keeping abreast of her evolution is a non-stop endeavour of "catch-up"


more than being physically fit, a male has to have a "fit-for-purpose" outlook of life that compliments the character of females




vividness: 3.3




the category of the dream: pleasure without conjoinment: ()




the vividness of the dream indicates the degree of likeliness that the experience will occur in a future time-tense


participant means it is an experience you have had


an oberver is an event, experience, etc. you have witnessed


the category of the dream is for evaluation and reference