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the name of the dream celebration


the world is going through a major upheaval - for the good


the majority of people are listening to the events as they unfold on the radio


first, there was a pronouncement of historic significance, then a song with upbeat lyrics and an easy-to-remember melody was played


after the song, there came another decree from another part of the world


the dream went on like that for five or more scenes


between every song the spoken word told of yet another historic change in one or another country, sometimes there were two pronouncements


the overwhelming number of the population was caught up in a fever of celebration


notes 1


this might well be D-Day


it was a vivid dream which means it is more than just a possibility it is something which is going to happen


i woke to the sound of a song of the type being referred to in the dream being played in a car outside ! ?




vividness 3.8/9


participant/ observer ?


the category of the dream D-Day (1)