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the name of the dream

an appreciation of life


was visiting relatives


it was a balmy day, when the temperature of the skin and the temperature of the air are the same which produced the impression of being merged with nature


took a baby out of the house, went to the bottom of the garden and had just laid the baby on the ground near a person-high privet hedge


the boy-baby was about ten months old and was dressed in a grey jumpsuit


both of us were lying down; i was lying on my left side and the baby was on his back


i reached over his body and put my right hand under his back so now he was slightly on his side and began smoothing his back with long, slow, strokes


he was looking at me in an appreciative way


i began talking to him


after a sentence or two the tone of my voice stirred emotions in him and his look showed it contained admiration


i continued talking...


"...if these moments are the final moments of our lives we would have experienced life to the full. life can do this. it can produce times when there is nought else which can be added. this now is our past and our future. we have fulfilled life's destiny".


notes 1


this dream came from two different experiences during the day


the first was the sense of accompishment after composing a dance track made up of the parts of half a dozen different songs and the second was the thoughts and feelings which came about while watching and thinking about a programme which portrayed the effects of the asteroid, which brought about the demise of the dinosaurs, for the twenty-four hours following its impact


notes 2


it was originally thought that the asteroid which ended the reign of the dinosaur class of beings was an attempt by devolving beings to destroy the world


it is now thought that it was evolving dinosaur man-shaped beings who could guage precisely how to end the reign of the dinosaurs without killing the species of mammal which would give rise to us


the thought that evolving beings would cause such wide-scale destruction to life was resisted for more than twenty years


we, mammal man-shaped beings, will have to make a similar decision


do we assume that the ten-thousand species of mammals will become extinct naturally which allow the next class of man-shaped to emerge within a relatively short time or will we find that the natural demise of mammals will not happen for thousands of millions of years and have to inerfere with a natural order ?




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