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the name of the dream



the dream begins with a pot of oxtail soup being cooked or heated


put some pepper in it and it noticeably enhanced the taste/flavour


decided to make a note of the fact and the next scene of the dream is of two folders


the folders were a different colour to the ones we are familiar with, they were tinged brown


yet again, the sticking point was physically typing the letters


at this point, and for the rest of the scenes of this dream and right through to the end of the dream, the awake-conscious became more prominent


by concentrating on the words on the folder, all the words on the folder/s had one or two-word descriptions, it was possible to change the words on the folder and subsequent folders but the words in my mind weren't the words which showed on the folder when a new folder materialised in the dream


continued attempts showed an increasing number of folders


in the last scene, there were about eight folders


i woke from this dream xually aroused


notes 1


why i should wake up from this dream feeling xually aroused is a complete mystery: there was absolutely nothing in the Pde's which could have brought this on


the thinking is... procreation, is a part of the mechanism by which love/life realises eternity's mechanistic command "increase numerically"


remember, reality calls the shots and we have, yes have, now and forever, to expand


reality is not concerned with the qualitative only the quantitative


in order to obey eternity and experience endlessness in a qualitative way sentience had to become love and that, in turn, meant attuning and organising itself down to the minutest detail to the characteristic's of inanimacy


it has still yet to be realised what the ordering of the minutia of the detail entailed for you-know-who


this dream is thought to be a step in the ordering of love/life's procession


postulate 4

the more we order or align ourselves to eternity's command the greater will be our feelings of pleasure (see also The art of pleasure)


notes 2


even when the first formulations began more than thirty years ago the idea of increasing numerically was inherent in the writer's outlook and the avoidance of taking life became the number one priority




vividness 3.5 - participant - the category of the dream: computer () folders (2 ?)