name of dream:

doggy dream 7


an awake-time friend asked me who or where would be the best person or the best place to look after his dog for short or long-term periods


i opened a browser and began looking


was reading out to him what looked like the best of the services


i expressed my doubts about most of them and i suggested it would better to ask someone he knew who would look after the dog for him


he had been waiting for me to say it


"how about you ?". he asked


i let out a sound which expressed being duped


the dream phased out slowly and i was speaking the last sentence...


"start a website where other people like you want other dog-lovers to help each other to dog-sit"


woke to hear myself saying "... or call it share-care"




time-tense 4


qod 3.4


qos 3.4


stand-out bit of the dream


being "had"




notes 1


was still feeling tired when i woke up


laid in bed for an hour and more waiting for the tiredness to leave my eyes


during that time i tried four, five or six times to get an awake-montage going


had given up and went into a sleepier frame of mind and that was when images began forming*


the first sequence was a zoom-in of a squirrel eating with the food in its paws


it was too real to be any time other than the now**


... the images would be coin-sized in awake-time


as extremely small-sized as the images in sequences were they had such clarity they could have been zoomed-in ten times their size and still would have been as clear as clean stream water


the detail was such that a person could not have seen what is being described here and recalled it from memory and got such detail


the fact that this sort of imagery encompasses non-man-shaped beings gives us an insight into what to expect with solid (for all-undulations-to-come experiences) five-thousand million years hence

(see Wholly Empathetic)


if i had reached out to touch the squirrel it would have reacted


i was aware that it was aware of me


the images being described formed on a white background and initially, they were white with shades of off-white to mid-gray


there five or six in total


they all had motion in them and three or four of them had delicate spots and touches of one two or three colours


*it is mentioned elsewhere that a relaxed frame of mind is more likely to induce montages and this experience reinforces that a semi-sleepy state is a or the way to produce them


**postulate 1 of the (12112017) has now got company


postulate 2:

the more vivid the images/sequences of montages are the more firmly imprinted they are into inter-undulation time (will eventually discover if this postulate can be applied to dreams)


second dream


name of dream: think-read grammar 1


started think-reading the message/info


read it once but missed something and couldn't make sense of it


went back to the beginning and started again


nope, still didn't get it


after the fourth or fifth try, i was becoming frustrated


why am i unable to read it ?


another try, only slower this time slower


then i noticed... there was an "a" tucked in close to one of the words


it had a comma or a semi-colon which wasn't anywhere as noticeable as it should have been


i then realised it wasn't a message or info but it was a question


so, i took another run at it but got stuck again


then the reason for still not being able to finish the question became clear... there was a "b" with a semi-colon or comma, again not easy to see immediately


now it became clear... it wasn't a single question but an either/or question


the sentence was "is it... a, it isn't the tear in your eye that hurts when you cry but the hurt in your toe when you stub it or is it... b, it wasn't the tear in your eye that hurts when you cry but the hurt in your toe when you stubbed it"*




time-tense 5


qod 3.5


qos 3.4


stand-out bit of the dream


finishing it




notes 1


*in the dream it wasn't isn't and wasn't, it was were and something else but can't remember exactly how the sentences were worded


notes 2


where are these dreams coming from ?


it is concluded they are as much for yourselves as i


notes 3


the message is... there is a level of mental effort required to make our way


this dream was an exercise in concentration !