name of dream: x dream -can't wait


we were three couples going out for the evening


it was my job to pick the girls up from their various locations and we would all meet up at the rendezvous


had collected the first girl and we were waiting at the home of the second young miss who was making a few finishing touches to her appearance when the first girl to be picked up came over to the large seat i was on and sat on my lap


she placed her hands on my chest and under my jacket and then slid her hands over my shoulders which caused my jacket fall off my shoulders


she said "you're so handsome" and then said something else of a complementary nature and then pulled my head forward and gave me a really long kiss


a good snog never hurt anyone so i got into the swing of it


that was my mistake, it was though someone had fired the starting gun and it was a race to the finish


her hands had loosened my clothing and before i could stop it from going any further in a way which didn't seem like a rejection to her she had my genitals in one hand and was unclothing herself with the other


the other young lady came to my rescue and with typical female diplomacy threw a blanket or sheet over us


while my senses were reeling from the sensations of her in the cowgirl position i felt a twinge of embarrassment and awkwardness


it was supposed to be a night out and amour after


some women just can't wait




either an and or of time-tense: 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7


qod 3.9


qos 4.1




vividness: 3.7


stand-out moment: under the blanket or sheet in the last scene


significance of the stand-out part of the dream: most pleasurable


category of dream: x dream


cause/s of the dream: thoughts and feelings during the day


notes 1


there was this one time when i was on the dance floor with a new-found girlfriend at one the city's most popular dance clubs


the music was stopped while a couple of bouncers came onto the floor and removed a couple who had got carried away


they had removed the clothing that would get in the way


sometimes love/life just can't wait