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the name of the dream

how not to carry heavy items


three of us were full of enthusiasm to do a gig


it meant having to carry an odd-shaped fifteen-kilogram speaker and an even heavier orange amp with no carrying handles to the venue


with a gig in the offing, nothing was going to stop us from getting there and making a good job of it


both of the other two men were stronger than me so i had the job of carrying light sundry items... leads, mic, etc


we hadn't gone fifty metres when the person carrying the amp was complaining it was too heavy and awkward


the strongest person swapped items with him, he wasn't phased by the weight


then, via the magic of dreams, a shopping wheelie materialised in the next scene of the dream


we tied the two heavy items onto the wheelie and the problems were over for the two bigger guys when they discovered that with each of them pulling one of the handles of the wheelie the weight was no longer an issue


the bag i was carrying was starting to feel heavy though...


i woke up thinking about whether to buy a lightweight, ultra-efficient sack-truck for eighty pounds the same as the one a man coming out of a shop in town in awake-time about six months ago let me move about




vividness 3.3 - participant - manually moving heavy items (2)