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the name of the dream

the art of mothering

this was a prolonged one-scene dream

the first impression of the fifteen-month-old baby wriggling and shifting her body from side to side was that she was uncomfortable

the baby girl was resting along her mother's forearm and was nestled into the mother's midriff

as i gazed, the expression on the baby's face became clearer, she wasn't in discomfort but was smiling

her smile was changing from being hardly perceptible to varying degrees of a broad smile and occasionally, her smile would settle into a relaxed contentment

finally, it was possible to see what was happening

the mother had, some time previous, discovered one her child's tickle spots was around her lower-rib cage

the mother didn't need to look at the child

she could tell from the baby's movements that she was hitting the tickle-spot

all the mother needed to do was use her middle finger to cause the baby to experience smile-causing sensations

it was the casual, natural way, the mother was using her finger to maintain a state of "contact" between her and the child which was the stand-out bit of the dream

to the mother it had become as easy to keep in "contact" with her child as it was to scratch an itch

without having to even think about it, the movement of the baby told the mother how much pressure to use and where next to place her finger

it was quite an education see a mother using the subtlest of movements to entertain her child the way this mother was doing

this was a mother on top of her game


vividness 3.4 - observer - the category of the dream: mother/baby () tickling (1)