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the name of the dream: an organiser's buzz


there was a definite buzz brewing


eric burden was ready to do some gigs


a local newly-emerging voice would definitely be interested in sharing the stage and i had heard another local talent singing recently and who was good enough to be a star in his own right


organising the where and when of a concert had fallen on me and it would also be necessary for me to bring the three of them together for a first meeting which would be the making or breaking of what had the potential of being an event worthy of national interest


in the next scene, two men and an awake-time friend of some years ago who had a heart of gold but was absolutely no judge of character had brought the two men to my local hangout, a busy tea, coffee and snack cafe, to talk about moving my equipment the fifty kilometres to the gig


within a sentence or two of the conversation it was obvious these two men were capable of picking up my goods and making off with them


all they had to do was to con me into trusting them to do the moving


they were fairly skilled at a con and were doing a reasonably good job of giving the impression being men who were negotiating the price of a day's work by asking me the amount of space the items would take up, how much it weighed in total and other relevant information but their real skill was the way they managed to divert my attention by haggling in a completely genuine way about the price of the day's work; it was wholly believable


what con men and crooks don't seem to realise is an honest man has a character which recognises looks, sounds, gestures, poise etc. which aren't in his own character


as the dream neared the end, i heard myself saying... "i might bring someone along to give us a hand"


i said it to give them the impression i would be hiring them


i got their telephone number but had no intention of ever speaking to them again






the category of the dream: music


the quality of the dream: 3.4


the quality of the sleep: 3.8





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the cause of the dream:


vividness: 3.3/4




the category of the dream




category of the dream


the quality of the dream: