the name of the dreams

the muslim girl and the dept for food

an intriguing two-theme dream

first dream

a young muslim girl of sixteen, about five feet six, wearing a white headscarf, and i had hit it off

she had grasped the main points of my philosophy and was drawing the right conclusions

we complimented each other in that she was young and enthusiastic and i was eager to share

the partnership or relationship was going to be a long-standing one

i wanted to show her off to an old-time and awake-time acquaintance who features in at least two other dreams

we went to the last place where i knew he lived and i knocked on his door

a stranger answered the door and when i asked the stranger for him by his first name the male who answered the door said, "do you mean steve *****?"

i didn't know his second name so i said "yes" (how many steves could there be living at that address?)

steve appeared at the door in the next scene

he left the house and i introduced him to my girl companion who was standing in the street about five metres from the door

as soon as he heard her speaking and had taken in her demeanour he too became infected by her personality

i could see he was interested in her in a more-than-friendly way and i knew, given the chance, he would "try it on"

exposing her to lecherous advances would have opened her up or exposed her to a reality she wasn't familiar with

i wasn't  going to chance her changing her outlook on life and so said my farewells to my old-time acquaintance and the dream ended

second dream

a hard brexit had occurred and society had degenerated to the degree that a nationwide programme of mobile soup kitchens had to be implemented

i was in charge of the local mobile soup kitchen and knew that the meal would have to contain bread and potatoes with a flavour of the meat

the image of people consuming the soup by tipping the bowl with one hand while biting off bits of bread in the other hand was the stand-out part of this dream

notes 1

the pde's (thoughts) of both dreams is clearly remembered

the way people are holding on to their old outlook in the light of a new reality is frustrating

and, just how far down people are prepared to fall and still remain mute is another source of contention with the writer


first dream

vividness 3.3 to 3.6 - participant - the category of the dream: girl-friend (4?) muslim (1)

second dream

vividness 2.9 to 3.1 - participant - the category of the dream: brexit (1) food ( 12?)