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the name of the dream: good news from the doctor


with a dream-time buddy


we had a day planned


the first thing to do was to go the doctor's surgery


buddy needed to go and it was going to be a quick in/out


at the surgery, the doctor had finished with the buddy and we were moving toward the entrance/exit door when the doctor enquired about my health


i said i was o.k except for a long-standing malady, which i had learned to live with


the doctor, a genuinely caring and world-weary man who could adopt an air of superiority, knew what my problem was and asked me if i was still feeling any pressure in a particular part of my back


the question was the key factor in diagnosing whether i was improving or not


i said the pressure had moved from one place to another


he said "oh, really. whereabouts ?"


i said it had moved up or i may have said down, don't remember which


he asked me to tell him exactly where it had moved from and where it was now


it meant having to pull the shirt out of my trousers


he was placing his fingers here and there and i was saying a "bit higher", "to the left..."


the doctor then needed to touch the area around my hips


in the next scene, i'm standing in my shorts and socks undergoing a full-blown examination


after a while, the doctor pronounced that my condition had now reached a point where, with the proper care and guidance, i could be one hundred per cent better in next to no time


the dream ended here with me feeling in high spirits




vividness: 3.2/3