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the name of the dream: mixing time-tenses


five or six of us had just watched a film


as i was wondering what film to watch next i thought it would be a good idea to let one of the girls choose


i decided to ask the girlfriend of the latest pair to join our little group


i was about to say "..... can choose what film to watch next" and realised i didn't know or had forgotten her name so i thought to get the film list on the screen and her name would spring to mind in the meantime


as i began looking at the screen for the folder which contained the films i realised the storage disc which had the films wasn't attached the computer


i was searching my memory trying to remember where the storage disc was when the boyfriend of the girl i was going to ask what film she wanted said "we'll have to go after the next film"


it was three or four thoughts later that i realised the reason i couldn't find the storage disc was because the location of this dream was not my current time and location but the time and location of thirty-plus years ago when six of us, three couples, used to gather for a weekend of films and smoking !


notes 1


this dream gives us a bit of an insight into how the dream-time memory works


the dream was the result of me thinking during the day that it would be possible to have a private film club where i live now and had spent five minutes or so assessing what i would have to do to set up the room for half a dozen people


the idea of having a home film club sprang from the dream 12062018


it is assumed that the dream of 12062018 is a future-tense dream


another dream with this theme will make this a serial dream




vividness: 3.3




the category of the dream: mixed time-tenses: () film club: (2)