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the name of the dream

vying for love


there are two men who want the same girl and the girl is undecided


the girl says the best way to find out who is the best man for her is to go with both men and the one who makes her feel the best will win her heart


either man could do whatever he wanted but there would be no x (conjoinment)


don't remember who went first but when i was with her i positioned her so that my left hand could cup the back of her head and with my right hand loosened her upper-body clothing and exposed her right breast and while using using my lips and tongue to stimulate her nipple i massaged the various parts of her gentalia that have pleasure receptor cells with the palm and fingers of my right hand


there were several scenes and each scene had variations


after six, seven or eight scenes the girl said she had chosen me


i noticed the other male, he looked utterly defeated


(the next dream was almost a replay of the first dream)


it may or may not have been the same woman and it may or may not have been the same boy


it was the same situation... one female and two males


again we competed for the woman's love on several different occasions


this time though i deliberately lost




vividness 3.5




the category of the dream : x dream ()