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the name of the dream



was explaining to an awake-time acquaintance how easy it is to degenerate within a lifetime


the man in the dream said it wasn't possible that he would do something wrong for any reason... my point was that it happens little by little


my view was it was possible to go from having unlimited courses of action to increasingly restrictive ones


the thrust of the reasoning was... once a person associates with people who have accepted into their thinking or lifestyle uninhibited activities a person can be influenced by that person


i was trying to present the circumstances through which a normal person can be persuaded into justifying doing things they wouldn't normally do


for instance, a woman or a man who has the responsibility of a family cannot consider the idea of giving up their duties to the family and letting them fend for themselves


it is more likely that a woman or a man who works to keep their family will say and do things in the course of their work which will ensure they can continue to work and keep their family even if it occasionally means misrepresenting the goods or services they represent


the conversation in this dream was due to me saying that a stage of devolution is a cannibalism




vividness 3.3 - participant - the category of the dream: cannibalism () conversation (1)