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the name of the dreams

riches, poverty and a little boy who found a friend


1st dream


had just been presented with a cluster of silver items encrusted with gems


i had to cup my hands together to hold them all at the same time


was still taking in what it would mean to my lifestyle when a smiling face held out another handful of assorted silver jewellery for me to take and before i could appraise those someone else had entered the dream and was bringing even more items


2nd dream


this dream sequence was set in russia


two or three houses of the meagrest design with two or three impoverishedly-dressed people standing in the foreground


they were the picture of dejection


they were oriented to the fact that things weren't going to get better


i couldn't help but feel sorry for them


3rd dream


in a building that looked like a mall but was almost deserted


a boy of seven or eight was standing on his own looking for someone or something


he was obviously unsure of his surroundings; the environment he was in was just too big for him to grasp


he saw me as i was moving closer to him and his demeanour took on a resigned characteristic


he had no choice but to surrender to whatever reality it was i would present to him


i spoke as to him as i would to my own son and within a few exchanges of sentences he knew he was safe


i suggested he go to the cafeteria about thirty metres away and ask someone there


the dream ended as he was walking away with a gait of confidence


notes 1


this dream encompassed extremes and a constructive ending; a well-balanced set of dreams and the reason for entering it into the diary




vividness 3.3 to 3.8 - the category of dream: a mixed-theme dream (50 ?) - participant for first and third dream and observer for the second dream