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the name of the dream

the male kerb-crawler

it was late at night, after pub-closing time

i was about thirty metres from antie g's house and was aware that there was a green car keeping pace with me about ten metres behind

not sure what age i am in this dream but am fully aware of the situation

in the next scene, i am indoors with auntie g and telling her about the car

in the next scene, auntie g is very animated because she can see the car is still prowling up and down the street, i tell her to call the police

i want this bloke caught and decide to go back into the street and keep him around by pretending to be interested in him long enough for the police to arrive

at one point the car has stopped and the driver has decided to come and talk to me

at this part of the dream, the car has become a green 5 cwt van

the dream ended here

notes 1

this dream is the result of thoughts over the last few days of an awake-time situation when something akin to this dream happened

i was seventeen or eighteen

it was about 1 a.m.

i was on the way home from a dance in the city centre and had about another mile and a half to go

was walking along on the left-hand side of the road

a car with three men, all a bit on the burly side, pulled up alongside me

as in this dream, i knew exactly, could sense, what the situation was

it was seven or eight metres to a junction just ahead of me and the pavement i was on was about three metres wide, so i didn't feel hemmed in

the man in the back of the car asked me if i wanted a lift home

knowing what the situation was i politely declined by saying " no thanks, i've only got a hundred yards to go"

he didn't want to take no for an answer and persisted in as friendly a tone as he could muster to persuade me to get into the car

i could see he was looking me up and town and weighing up if he could get out of the car and abduct me

as mentioned, i wasn't hemmed in and knew, being a bit tasty at the four-hundred metres, that i could out-run him if he did get out of the car


i figured that it was unlikely they would pursue me in the car

a car doing a u-turn at a junction in the middle of the night with a young lad "running for it" would draw too much attention to them if another car or person came along

notes 2

over the years i have wondered what would have happened to me if i didn't have the presence of mind to see what was happening and had fallen into the trap

i have no doubt it would have been a life-changing or life-ending outcome

see also homosexuality


vividness 3 to 3.4 - participant - the category of the dream: perverse sexual  practices/urges (2) 14122017