name of dream: the garden


the last line of today's think-read dream was "this dream is not a new dream. it is the way new things can happen"


this think-read dream was a no-frills dream


no pictures, no people, no sounds, nothing at all


it was if the person who wrote it didn't want anything to detract from the message


the message of eight lines didn't make any sense at all and i was ready to forget about it when the dream of 24102017

came to mind


the word garden was used in that think-read message too


in both the dream of 24102017 and in today's dream the meaning of the word garden was used to convey a state or a meaning or a purpose of life


is it possible that the two dreams are connected ?


the message was a long, very long odd type of proverb


it told the story of someone who had introduced "new things into the garden" and enriched the garden and also of the consequences of not introducing new things into the garden


the line "...doesn't introduce new things into the garden... ...cannot go to the toilet... (there are a few interpretations of what that could mean) was in the message


the message made the same point repeatedly... new things need to happen


one or more of the words dream, new things and garden was used once or more times in every sentence


the words "go to the toilet" were used twice




time-tense: ?


quality of the dream 3.4 quality of the sleep 3.6




cause of dream ?


category of dream: think-read (18)


notes 1


who's writing these messages ?


where are they coming from ?


what time-tense did they originate in ?


are they from self to self  ?


are they from you-know-who and timed to occur at this point of time ?


if they are from the lover they have come from time-tense 9 for application in time-tense 5