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16022019 14052018

the name of the dreams

the powered buggy and the hole in the road dream

had a power-chair (mobility scooter)

its top speed on the flat was around twenty kmph

the buggy slowed noticeable on up-gradients and sped up to about thirty kmph going down

the first scene of this mega-scened dream has me trundling along at about top speed on a flat road

there's next-to-no traffic in this or any of the scenes

another scene is in the centre of a city

there is a two to three metre deep and two-metre wide rectangular hole in the ground which has clearly been made with a mechanical digger and stretches from one side of the road to the other; the width of the road is the better part of twenty metres

i lay boards across all of the holes to enable me to drive the wheelie across

as i drive the vehicle over the boards they give significantly and i realise that the boards would break if a heavier vehicle were to try to go over them

on cue, a car appears thirty or forty metres away heading towards where i am

i run towards it and stand in the middle of the road with my arm out in front of me in an unmistakable "stop" gesture so the car has no option but to stop

i tell the driver there are roadworks ahead and he shouldn't try to go across the boards as they aren't able to bear the weight of the car

the problem was i had made such a neat job of laying the boards down it looked like they had been put there as a temporary measure by the firm which was doing the roadworks

the driver of the car thought i was being overly dramatic, as some people do in such situations, and dismissed my warning and drove away

i watched as the car moved onto the boards fully expecting them to break and having to call the emergency services but to my surprise, the boards did give a lot more than when my wheelie crossed over them but didn't break under the weight of the car

in another scene, i was talking to a policeman and pretending that i had witnessed an incident involving a mobility chair

i asked the policeman who would be liable if the car had broken the boards and crashed

as i was relating the circumstances of the accident i slipped up in my account of the story and blurted out that i had only just acquired the power-chair

as mentioned, there were scenes coming and going at a speed in this dream

the details given are of the stand-out scenes of the dream


cause of the dream: thinking about using a mobility scooter to move the p.a. equipment for the gig mentioned in the first dream of 12052018